Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tom's Adds a POP of Color

I love my Toms. Once you initially stretch them out they are probably of the most comfortable pairs of closed toe shoes you could own. I say closed toed because I'm a Cali girl, and Cali girls wear sandals 12 months out of the year (that's year long for you math wizards :P). And to prove how big of a Cali girl I'm, this bright blondie wore sandals to Chadron, Nebraska in 30 degree weather. Trust me, that sandal factor was not the only reason we stuck out like sore thumbs in a town of less than 3,000 people.

Anyways, back to Toms. Owning two pairs myself- Classic Grey and Oh So Sparkly Pink (these are not in fact the actual names), I was happy to see this fun POP of color on their new styles.

Pink Pop Herringbone Women's Classics


Love the herringbone pattern, now if only they would come out with a Chevron pattern I'd probably go snatch up all three colors.  In a change of events, I'm actually leaning towards the Yellow Pop. Strange I know, I'm a pink and teal girl all day long. Maybe I have a fever....


  1. I love toms but it's not the weather to wear them in England now, they're get seriously rained on haha. Really like the first pair.


  2. I know what you mean by the rain- it's supposed to rain all weekend out here in Cali.

    Thanks for the comment Sarah. I'm checking out your blog now! :)