Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goal #34: Watch the Sunrise (1/5)

It's about time I got this goal up here! Back over the summer my family visited Rankin Ranch, where on the last day of our stay, I took the morning ride.

Morning, as in before 5am get on a horse and ride up a mountain, without coffee, without any light, and when it is very cold outside. All this was done so we could beat the sunrise.

It was well worth getting up 5am. It was a beautiful thing seeing the sun rise up from below the mountains, slowly showing itself by lining the tips of the mountain with it's golden touch. Once it peeked it's head out, there was no stopping it! It took us about 40 minutes to get to the top of the hills and point our horses in the right direction, but that sunrise waits for no one. It was up showing it's bright sunny self in a matter of minutes.

Once it was up, we headed back down the mountain. It was a beautiful ride back, and the sun now give me some fun shadows to photograph! By the time we got back the kitchen wasn't even open- but luckily one of the wranglers let us sneak in back to get a hot cup of joe... actually several cups of joe so I could warm up!

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