Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

all you can eat sushi
Chick Flick
baking up a storm
home made salsa fresca
cookie exchange party
catching up with old friends
Romantic Canyon Drives
Bright Sky
Driving through canopies of Trees
10am spa dates with Irish Coffee
Christmas Shopping
Hair Appointment
Blonde Bombshell

Successful weekend!

** I should note this was before my hair was done in this photo.


  1. Lovely photo. I need to do some christmas shopping and get my hair done. xo

  2. Thats for the lovely comment Sarah! There is just so much to do over the Holidays- got to shop til you drop and still manage to look fabulous for all those Holiday parties!

  3. Haha definitely! I really need to do lots of shopping, I have done no christmas shopping yet, I can't leave it until last year and end up doing it all on Christmas eve! xo

  4. I want to come to all you can eat sushi! and all the rest of the excitement as well... are you a Disneyland goer like Arielle?! LET'S GO!!!! holiday time is the best. You are such a pretty girl, ps!