Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Follow Up: As a Graphic Designer...

Let's just say that 2012 has started off as the year to totally procrastinate. I barely got these Happy New Year Cards out before the 1st of the year... and here I'm 25 days later finally blogging about it. Woopsies.

Of course any card from me is bound to have some glitter and sparkle to it! You can check out my inspiration here! I just wanted to send out a simple lil something to let all my friends know I was thinking about them, so this postcard style note was my way of saying hello!

As far as assembly of these cards, it was pretty simple. Just design, print and crop. The finishing touches of glitter were applied using the end of a pencil (eraser) dipped in glue (perfect size for the circles I created) and then sprinkling glitter on top. Let dry and you have a fabulous sparkly card to send out!

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