Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goal #14: Tour a Brewery

The last day of 2011 was quite a successful and productive one! With plans to spend NYE in San Diego, we decided it was time to visit Stone Brewery... yet again! Last time was visited we weren't able to make it on a tour, but another DZP goal was completed: Fly a Kite!

Saturday started off like the last trip: "Sorry the 12 pm tour is full, you can start lining up a for the 2 pm tickets at 12 pm." 

UGH, frustration central! Seriously, what's a girl with a goal to do? Determined to complete this goal, we sat and had a beer while deciding if staying for another 3 hours (yes we got here at 11 am and were drinking by 11:10 am).

After some liquid courage (courage, confidence, whatever you want to call it). I decided to strut back up the counter and inquire about the 2 pm tour... aaand just like that I had 2 tickets for the 12 pm tour. WOOT WOOT! The look on TK's face was priceless as he said, "How did you pull that off?!?" All he needs to know is that his girlfriends still got it!

The tour was great, short and sweet at only about 35minutes. Best part: free beer! Everyone on the tour was given 4 free 4oz growlers. I highly recommend doing this tour! Aside from the tour, I love the venue as well!

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