Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goal #6: Carve my name on a tree

There is nothing better than a spontaneous day filled with random adventures and drinks with good friends. Let's just say that the completion of this goal was fueled by several margaritas, the cool ocean air, and carpe diem, "sieze the day."

It went something like this...

After enjoying our meal and liters of Margaritas at our favorite Mexican spot in Laguna Beach, I was left with my butter knife starring me in the face after the table was cleared. I also so happend to be sitting next to this beautiful tree- when I say sitting, I was sitting on a bench that had begun to be over taken by this massive overgrown tree.

Knife + Tree = Goal #6 just asking to be completed.

And so, on this beautifully (and oddly warm) winter night, I carved my initials "MMW" into a tree.  I couldn't have asked for a more memorable way to complete this goal. Now, whenever we indulge in some Margs and chips and salsa at our favorite spot, we will have out signature spot.

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