Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goal #88: Walk somewhere instead of drive

Another DZP Goal down! Yippie! Now that I'm all settled in my new place, I've decided that Miss Lulu Belle deserves a good walk in the morning- although she totally disagrees with this and clearly would rather be snuggled up in bed at 7am. I know this because she literally drags her feet when she figures out what we are doing. Such a personally this dog, definitely a DIVA.
This am we headed down to our local Starbucks. With only one lonely coffee pod left, I decided I'd kill two three birds with one stone- walk the Diva, get my morning caffeine fix, and complete this DZP goal. This morning was amazing for so many reasons, which of course I will share with you all :)

morning exercise = cheerful Madalyn, and tired, less mischievous puppy
using my Starbucks app for the first time to pay- yeay for technology!
new blonde roast and Valentines day cups at Starbucks
repp'n the Titan pride with my CSUF sweatshirt
finding new secret tunnel down to the dam (hello weekend picnicking spot!)
discovering a super cool street called  "Mimosa Dr" 
(how does one get to live there and is it a requirement to drink Mimosa's on a daily basis- if so I'm in)

Happy Thursday Lovelies. I hope you Thursday is as cheerful as mine

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