Thursday, April 26, 2012

DZP Update!

With only 223 days left to tackle all of my 101 goals on my Day Zero List, I've got to get going! I've had to re-evaluate some of my initial goals (I was very ambitious with my list of travels), but here is the lineup of things in progress and updated.

Goal #12: Get to my ideal weight. Family weight loss is going to help with this one! Down 6 and measurements are showing promising results. Gotta.Keep.It.Up
Goal #19: Have a 5 year renunion with my YOLO girls. CAN NOT WAIT! T-minus 14 days until New Orleans!
Goal #25: Keep a journal/scrapbook of my DZP goals. Journal has been acquired and I keep stuffing memorabilia in it, just have to actually start organizing it!
Goal #77: Bind my Great Grandma's spice book. I have to do this. Every time I see her she asks. It's getting ridiculous. I'm such a bad great granddaughter.
Goal # 85: Donate a pair of shoes to Nike Reuse-a-Shoe (also an updated goal). I have the shoes and will be doing this tomorrow!

Goal #15: Go to the Griffith Observatory. Being a California native and having never been, this is a must. Plus its a free activity :)
Goal #52: Work out 7 days in a row. This is turning out to be much harder than it sounds considering I think my body is about to rebel from the amount of work outs I'm putting it through. Fingers cross I finish this goal this week! Just gotta make it til Sunday!
Goal #53: Have a doggie play date with Rufus. Doggie dates with the bestie is a must, and considering we are friends, it's only appropriate our dogs be friends too right?
Goal #76: Get a custom stamp made up with my address. Now that my address is pretty dang permanent, I can not wait to get one of these made to stamp all my mail with.

Some goals are still under evaluation, sadly I've missed the deadline on some or it's no longer the season for it. Don't worry, I'm not removing these goals completely, just moving them to my "someday" list. 

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