Friday, April 13, 2012

Fortunate and Unfortunate

One of my favorite blogs, Urban Nester, has a post like this every week, so today I thought I would share my fortunate and unfortunate events with all of you as well. If you have a chance to stop on by her blog, please do- I love her style and like me, she is a coffee lover :)

{Lulu getting a lovely blow out after our "rainy day" walk}
  1. Getting caught in the rain both times with week (Wednesday and today) when I went for my morning am walk to Starbucks with Lulu. It looks so nice and sunny when I leave but once I'm halfway there, or halfway home it starts to down pour. Sigh.
  2. Tightness in my calfs and legs. I've been pushing myself really hard this week, and like always, by week 4 of bootcamp my legs get superrrr tight. To the point where it is unbearable and I can hardly walk, let alone jog. My foam roller is my new friend, and it's now to the point where I will be calling up the Sports Therapist for a massage to work out this tightness. 
  3. All I want to do is buy Catching Fire and Mockingjay (2nd and 3rd Hunger Games books) in paperbook, not hardcover. Why can I not find them anywhere in store? The idea of buying them on Amazon and waiting a week is totally not ok with me, I NEED to read these ASAP. Why paperback you ask? Well I like being able to curl up with the book and curl the pages back in my hand. That, and my first book is paperback and I'm determined for them all to look the same lined up on the bookshelf. 
  4. I was so excited to sit down and watch, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but unfortunately this movie OnDemand was $5.99 - are you kidding me?! I chose to save a couple bucks and get it from Redbox.... leaving the bf and me without a feature movie for last night. Dummer! 
{TK in his new ride!}
  1. Tommy finally got a car. Hallelujah! After all the hassles with this process, I'm so thankful this worked out! No more rental cars, YEAY! He is now driving in style in his new Mazda! The smile on his face last night was the biggest I have ever seen. 
  2. I'm so blessed to have such loving, helpful parents. Even when it's not their own child, they still treat them as if they were. No wonder all our friends and boyfriends call them "Ma and Dad."
  3. It's raining in So Cal! I'm not one to love the rain, but when I recently purchased a beautiful black Vince Camuto Trench Coat for Chicago, I was very pleased to find out I could wear it to work today and maybe even out tonight... which is making me feel better about the amount of money I spent on it. 
  4. My hard work as been rewarded with a raise! To my surprise on Monday I received an email letting me know that my hard work has been appreciated and noticed. I have to say I have one of the best bosses in the world, he is relaxed and has so much trust in his employees- which makes my work environment truly enjoyable. 

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  1. Love this! I'm so glad you participated! It's great to see you're also a coffee lover :] A girl after my own heart!