Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goal #24: Go to a Concert with my Boy

This goal was made with the intention of making it to Coachella, but unfortunately that did not happen (hence why I held off on posting this).

Back in February I got my boy tickets for Valentine's Day to Smokeout Festival, something that he desperately wanted to go too. So being the amazing girlfriend that I'm, I bought him tickets to show him just how much I love him. I say it like that because, let's face it, this was not my kinda crowd.  Although I will admit, I was very excited to see Wiz Kalifa live!

This was a very interesting venue, and very odd crowd, and an extremely... laid back environment. We definitely decided that we were not cut out of the intensity of the situation, and made sure to high tail it outta there before night fall. It was an experience none the less. On the bright side, I discovered an amazing new clothing company, Acrylick, which I posted about last week.

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