Monday, April 30, 2012

Goal #52: Work out 7 days in a row

This a newly updated goal, and boy oh boy was it harder than it sounded. I've been pushing myself far past my normal limits in order to work out harder, eat healthier, and just all around get skinny. Which incase you don't know, this is all stemmed from the Weight loss Competition I'm having with my family- I'm driven my competition just incase you don't know.

Here is my crazy 7 day work out regimen:

Monday: 6:30 pm Bootcamp
Tuesday: 7:30 am Hot Yoga and 6:30 pm Bootcamp
Wednesday: 6:30 pm Bootcamp
Thursday: 6:30 pm Bootcamp
Friday: 6:30pm Hot Yoga
Saturday: 8:30am Bootcamp and Bicycle ride (2 miles)
Sunday: Cardio stairs workout

Even my trainer from bootcamp was telling me to take a day off this weekend, but I was too determined to stop. Let's just say, I've finally been able to motivate myself.

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