Thursday, April 12, 2012

Madalyn Marie's Check Off List to Getting Skinny

I figured that I should probably jot down a few notes for myself on what I plan to do (and keep doing hopefully) for the next 50 days as I participate in my family weight loss competition.
  1. Water, water and more water. The only exception I'm making to this rule is one cup of coffee with nonfat milk in the morning, and a cup of decaf green tea before bed.
    Thanks to the Easter Bunny for my fantastic new Camelbak bottle. It holds 25oz and I'm trying to drink at least 3 of these a day.
  2. No food after 9pm. I know this is really late, I'd love to make it 8pm but since I don't get home from bootcamp til 8pm and then need time to eat a healthy (not fast food) dinner, this is just what it has to be right now.
  3. Lots of protein. I'm horrible at getting my daily dose of protein. In an effort to change this, I'm doing a protein shake in the am, almonds to snack on, and making sure at least one of my meals throughout the day has chicken in it. 
  4. Write it down and plan it out. No big surprise here- I'm the biggest planner in the world, along with my bestie Erin. If I write it down in the planner, I WILL do it. With that being said, I have written every bootcamp time, yoga session and walk I plan on doing throughout the week so that I have no excuse when it comes to what fitness activity is available to me that day. 
  5. Educate yourself. I've been researching and looking up fitness information for days now and I had no clue that it took a 3,800 calorie defecate to lose just 1 pound. I'm no dummy, I knew you clearly have to be in the negative- but wowzers. Counting calories has become my new hobby needless to say, as well as tallying up the approximate amount of calories I burn during my work outs.
  6. A mantra. I'm calling it a mantra because it is what I say to myself and to my boyfriend when deciding whether or not to eat something. "Nothing tasks as good as skinny feels" and then I proceed in telling him "watch out, I'm going to become a skinny bitch you wait and see."
  7. Get motivated. I'm completely motivated by competition- the idea of being able beat and show my parents and my sisters that I can do this- that I DID do it, and oh yea did I mention, I lost more faster than you- is what is really pushing me right now to just give it all I got right now. There is nothing wrong with a lil friendly competition. This however, is not my only form of motivation (maybe the biggest though). I'm also driven by the fact that this competition ends on Memorial Weekend- the very "holiday" that leads into summer, and prime bathing suit wearing season. You bet I'm going to get that cute bikini I have my eye on and hang it up in the kitchen (yes people that is correct- KITCHEN) so that I will see it everyday, and every time I enter that room. At the end of all this, I want to be able to feel comfortable, and confident enough to wear that when I treat myself to maybe a cruise or tropical get away somewhere. 
Now, I know this competition is only for 50 days but I'm very motivated (notice the key word here) to continue on with this healthy lifestyle past Memorial Day. They say it takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and family, and then 12 for the rest of the world to see it. I dont expect to see drastic results, but I do expect to see change (something I'm seeing already since I haven't been sitting on this couch the whole time- I've been doing bootcamp regularly- I'm just now starting to put all the pieces of the weight loss puzzle together). 

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