Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shirts with Meaning

I came across this shop while at a concert, and just had to share this amazing clothing company, Acrylick. Every shirt they design has a meaning, and the overall manifesto the company is built on is pretty dang awesome. Here is just a taste of what they are all about:
"Acrylick clothing is not meant to make the individual that wears our clothing part of the norm, nor do we try to push conformity. Instead we intend to have individuals use our clothing as a way to find their own original spirit. Being able to express visually what they feel within through our clothing."
With every shirt design "the message is in the concept." Let's just say I walked away with 2 tanks that day, and the intention of purchasing more.

Below is are the 2 tanks I purchased, along with the meaning of the "FOR LOVE" tank:

"As children, we are told to work hard in order to be successful. We are put in school and given the tools we need to some day reach success. What is success? Throughout this process, we are told that we must excel in life and land good job. The positions we are often told to aim for are doctors, attorneys, scientists, or really any position that pays well and gives a high status. This molds many to aim for a career based on its pay, rather then its ability to make oneself happy. That is why we should follow our hearts and do what we love. We need to do what makes us happy, not others, and not what others tell us."
Here are my 2 other favs! I'm seriously lusting after the "Create Yourself" tank!

Mighty Tank
Create Yourself Tank

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  1. acrylick clothing is never without a deep concept or meaning!