Monday, April 9, 2012

Tis the Season....

... for a good old fashion weight loss competition with the family...

Measurements have been taken, weight has been recorded and now the competition for who can lose the most weight overall begins! This challenge is 50 days, which means from today til May 28th I will be working my hardest to become the healthiest I have been possibly since my High School days. 

If there is one thing that motivates me more than the idea of being skinny, its getting skinny while beating my sisters and parents at it. Competition drives me and I refuse to lose. 

This competition comes at a perfect time, since I will be participating in the Camp Pendelton Mud Run  on June 3rd.

So, here it goes. 50 days of nothing but health and fitness! Wish me luck!

(Did I mention this will also help my with DZP Goal #12: Get to my ideal weight)

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