Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stacking is My New Fav Thing...

It's amazing to me that I had all these bracelets and just recently figured out that they go together pretty nicely stacked on my wrist. Being able to look at this wristful of dabbles throughout the day makes me smile from ear to ear. I can happily say that none of these things were mass "made in China" but that each one was handcrafted (as far as I know) from a local vendor and purchased at an artfair. All 3 of these pretties, apart from the Fleur De Lis, were given to me as gifts for one birthday, special event or another. They feel earthy and natural and it makes me happy to know I supported someone who handcrafts each one individually, giving it it's own special characteristics and flaws.

The most recent addition to my wristful of dabbles is the simple Fleur De Lis tided to a strand of red string. The simplicity of it is what I love most, appart from the fact it has my favorite symbol of all time, the Fleur De Lis. It's a constant reminder of my time in Italy, my YOLO girls, and my recent adventure in NOLA. It makes be happy to know that my purchase of this bracelet benefited the St. Bernard Project

There is a great selection of jewelry and tshirts that support the St. Bernard Project, which is helping rebuild the lives and homes of Katrina Survivors. You can shop online HERE

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