Friday, May 4, 2012

This Week's Recap...

Another week has come and gone. Is it just me or are they seriously flying by! I can hardly keep up! Here is what has been fortunate and unfortunate... let's save the fortunate for last :)

  • You know that NOLA trip I'm super excited about? Well looks like the sissy won't be able to go thanks to her manager. The nerve of someone to approve your time off, schedule their vacation the same time, not tell you they are also going on vacation, and then drop the bomb a week before your vacation that "sorry, but I can't give you your vacation time because I'm also going on vacation and we need someone where to manage the branch." The NERVE.
  • That moment you get super frustrated and send something to a friend in the moment of heat- except you are so feverishly typing it that you accidentally send it to the person you are complaining about. Yep. That was on Monday. Amazing start to the week... NOT.
  • There seems to be a shortage of Shell Gas stations in Orange County. I redeemed my credit card points for a Shell gift card, but it's turning out to be quiet the task to use it! 
  • The arrival of my Sweet 15 postcard from Starbucks in the mail on Thursday. Just in time for me to treat myself to a Coconut Latte today. 
  • Even though I'm not working out as much as last week (let's face it, I burnt myself out with my 7 day workout schedule), I still have managed to fit back into not one, but TWO pairs of old jeans! At this rate, I will have to go pants shopping because I will no longer be able to fit in any of my jeans (in a good way of course).
  • The return of Yappy Hour! First event was this Thursday, and it was just as fabulous as last year! Lulu loves their homemade treats. She is seriously the most well behaved pup the whole time, sitting pretty and walking nicely; which is fine by me! Makes me look like a good mama :)

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