Monday, June 4, 2012

Goal #82: Sign up and participate in a mud run, COMPLETED!!

It's been a long time coming to complete this goal. I signed up last year, only to badly sprain my ankle a week before the run and ended up in a lovely boot.

Now, a year later I've finally completed this goal! I suppose waiting another year was for the best, since with all my bootcamp going, yoga doing and new love for working out I definitely am in way better shape now then I was this time last year.

With being so excited to do a Mud Run, I totally overlooked the fact that I have NEVER done a 10k in my life! So two new, challenging things were done yesterday!

Here are some before and after shots from the run.
Notice anything STRANGE about my shoes? That's right. The SOLES are missing! Yep, lost the left sole at mile 3 and lost the right sole right after the first muddy obstacle. It definitely was not the most idle thing- considering I was running around in mud- which meant NO TRACTION what so ever. It posed a very big problem towards the end when I had to literally call up a giant hill since I was slipping and sliding everywhere.

My official race time was 1 hour, 51 minuts and 2 seconds, and I came in at 200th place for my age bracket. I was sooo excited to finish in under 2 hours! (just barely!!!) 

I definitely want to do this race again, with better shoes, and challenge this time! I know I can do it! 

I was extremely nervous at the beginning of this race, but now that I have done it and know what to expect I am all for doing it again! 

The whole purpose of this goal was to do something I didn't think others would expect me to do and to challenge myself to try new things.

This race was definitely intimating, and it definitely is something I never thought I would want to do, let along do again! 

This girlie girlie is now a mud run lover! I can't wait to sign my self up for another crazy 5k or 10k!!!

Day Zero Goal #82- you have been DUSTED!!

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