Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goal #15: Go to the Griffith Observatory

This is a newly updated goal. Being a California native I think its only appropriate that I visit all the places my state has to offer. Did I mention this place is completely free? Free parking, free entry, FREE. Not to mention that views from this place are pretty dang awesome.

I had no clue that there were so many things to do in Griffith Park or that we would be so close to the Hollywood sign! The Griffith Observatory was amazing, I loved it for the architecture and the history, while the boy enjoyed it for what it was, an Observatory (Thank you Science Channel for sucking him into the Through the Wormhole series narrated by Morgan Freeman!).

The fact that TK enjoyed my DZP adventure as much as me is what really made my day. Sometimes I feel as though I'm dragging him to all these silly lil goals, which he of course joins me without complaints- but the fact that he was just as excited as me and let me know I picked a good place is what really made this adventure for me.

I do believe we will be back in the near future. I'm determined to hike up to the Hollywood sign, although I will be waiting until after summer to take on that challenge.

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