Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goal #98: Eat a Macaron

I finally got to see what all the fuss was about with these deliciously colorful French treats! Just for those of you who don't know what these are (like me), Macarons are delicious almond cookies filled with ganache that is infused with the natural flavors and essences. Who knew.

My original plan was to make a pit stop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills at the original 'Lette Macarons Shop after my Griffith Observatory adventure. However, traffic got the best of us (no big surprise here- we were in LA after all). 

So still determined to make this goal happen, I located another much closer to home. I sweetly ask the boy, "Want to treat me to dessert tonight?"after I had slaved at home all day making him a scrumptious pasta dinner (always pasta for my Italian boy). He kindly agreed and we were off to Fashion Island to indulge in macrons!

The boy was as curious as I to see what these rainbow colored treats were all about, I believe the exact words out of his mouth were, "they just look like rainbow colored oreo's, what's the big deal?" 

The flavors we tried were:
Passion Fruit: The boyfriend shoved the whole thing in his mouth before I could get a bite
Rose: most definitely NOT a fan
Earl Grey Tea: it tastes true to its name and I loved the color
Violet: the boyfriend LOVED this one and was in aw that it actually tasted like "purple"

Sadly, I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped. I had the vision of Blair for Gossip Girl sitting and eating these delectables by the box stuck in my head. Clearly, she had different flavors then I did.

So the verdict is that is goal needs another pass, earlier in the day, when all the GOOD flavors are still available. I can hardly wait to try Coconut, Salted Caramel, Sweet Wedding Almond, and Colombian Coffee. Basically, any other flavor then the 4 we tried.  Til next time!

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