Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pretties for my Wrist

My girlfriend Trish is always sending fabulous jewelry finds my way. The girl seriously knows my weakness! So, here I am sharing not one, but three fantastic jewelry lines! Each one offers something different, and I'm loving all the variety! Here they are, in no particular order.

Dana Levy
This UK based designer has been creating accessories for over 10 years. "Her jewellery line is inspired by the exotic sights and traditions from the Middle East. All of Dana’s jewellery pieces are handmade and incorporate semi-precious gemstones, Czech glass beads and beautiful charms, amulets and talismans that have spiritual meaning, such as the ‘Hamsa’ hand, a symbol for good luck, and the Evil Eye, a symbol for protection."

Zaida Jewelry
"ZAIDA™ Jewelry was founded in November 2010 by Venezuela native and Chicago-based jewelry designer Zaida Arnieri. This attractive and innovative jewelry line consists of handcrafted, high quality, Latin-inspired designs; using gemstones, freshwater pearls, imported crystals, glass, shells and precious metals.ZAIDA™ Jewelry is available at gift and jewelry boutiques and from its online store."

Culebra 4 Wrap Bracelet
Made with various gemstones such as jasper, onyx, 
agate, goldstone, jade, tiger's eye, 
snowflake obsidian, labradorite and many more.

Curacao 3 Wrap Bracelet
Made with with Magnesite, Natural Silk and Leather.
Magnesite is powerful to aid the emotions.

Fringe and Lace
"Fringe and Lace is a traveling women’s clothing and accessories boutique specializing in home parties that brings the shopping to you! All of our jewelry, clothing, and accessories are all cute and under $100! We are based in Nashville, TN but travel throughout the Southeast."

Turquoise Beaded Skull Bracelet
Gold Foil Cuff

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