Friday, August 17, 2012

Fortunate and Unfortunate

  • My hair deciding to fall into a perfect fierce beach-wave mane this morning. I had not time to fuss
  • with it this morning. Thank you Hair gods.
  • Despite being mentally exhausted all week, I managed to make myself go to bootcamp all 3 days, GO ME!
  • Having some much needed "Madalyn" time last night. Sometimes a girl just needs to paint her nails so she feels pretty, damn it!
  • That I get to cut my work day 2 hours short today, thank gawd. 9.5 hrs yesterday with no lunch, no breaks was more than enough to set me over the edge this week. 

  • The amount of anxiety I have felt all week- things are just way to chaotic.
  • Nightmares- every night this week. I blame shark week and anxiety.
  • That the amount of Starbucks and caffeine has out numbered my food consumption. I'm up to 2 venti quad lattes a day. Don't mind me as a shake outta my chair.
  • My snappy mood. I have to apologize every 5 minutes to my man for my "attitude." It's not him, it's me. Thankfully he is the most amazing man, and just shakes it off and tries to make me smile. #ILoveHim

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