Monday, August 6, 2012

Goal #11: Have dinner by candlelight

I love spontaneous DZP goal completions! I honestly didn't notice I had completed this goal until after dinner, although subconsciously I must have known what I was doing since I had instinctively been snapping photos of the candles on the table throughout our meal.

Saturday night we had a scrumptious meal at the restaurant Tinto, which was inside our hotel, The Saguaro. "Tinto is a wine bar and restaurant from Iron Chef Jose Garces inspired by the culinary-renowned Basque region of Northern Spain and Southern France. At Tinto, Garces presents his modern approach to traditional pintxos (Peen-chos), or Basque tapas, and a deep selection of area's premier wines and native cocktails." So in simple terms: It was delicious food, tapas style with lots of unique and rich flavors. I personally love tapas style since it allows you to taste several different plates and experience alot of new foods; and the presentation is always unique and interesting.

Some of my favorite things on the menu were:
  • Tuna Tartare (severed on a croissant with big eye tuna, pickled guindilla, chorizo aioli)
  • Sopa de CastaÑa (truffled chestnut soup, duck & mushroom hash, fried quail egg, pistachio)
  • Chicken (chicken, garbanzo purée, truffle jus, served in tall shooter glasses on a skewer)

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