Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goal #3: Write a message in a public bathroom

My inner rebellious teenage ran wild on Sunday, and I have to say, I felt freed (in a defiant kinda way). Tommy even made a comment about how he felt like we were Bonnie and Clyde as we jumped from place to place on Sunday- starting in San Clemente and driving up the Coast, ending at the OC Fair. It's on of your favorite Sunday drives, even with the annoying touristy traffic.

Knowing that we would be at the San Clemente Street Fiesta on Del Mar Street, I knew the perfect place to complete this goal. After spending the day in the hot sun, we ducked into Goodies, the bar where Tommy and I first met and I eagerly headed into the bathroom. My original intention was to write a small lil item in the bathroom stall, maybe a "T&M" or something similar, but once I was there I froze up and couldn't do it. The stalls were clear of any tagging and I didn't want my pink sharpie to be the first mark on the freshly painted door.

As I was washing my hands I noticed a small note above the mirror. Someone had written the word "whore" and I was not about to leave that negative note there. Not while I had a pink sharpie conveniently in my pocket. It's at that moment I knew what I had to do. I crossed out that negative, demeaning word and kindly wrote something more positive. 

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