Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drooling over Dogeared

You know it's a good mail day when your mail box is stuff full of brown packages from Dogeared!

I recently took advantage of their offer for a free tote with $100 purchase (this tote is AWESOME, it is gigantic compared to my other tote bags). Trust me, it's not hard to spend $100 on their website. I had to control my inner shopaholic and only purchase what I truly needed (ok, I didn't NEED any of it, but I did purchase items for someone other than myself).

I splurged and bought the Keep It Simple Necklace for myself (above). I love it's simplicity, it's a daily reminder to do just that, keep it simple.

Of course I have a list of ones I am lusting over as well. Here are my favorites :)

Passion Reminder Necklace
be bold... live large... put your whole heart into it! wear your necklace as a reminder to be unwavering in pursuit of your heart's true passion.
Let it Slide Reminder Necklace
it's easier to slide through life and move forward when you focus on what really matters. wear your necklace as a reminder not to sweat the small stuff.
true friends are like anchors... they give us something to hold onto, and help us stay afloat.
what goes around, comes around. Keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving. 

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