Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goal #39: Take a road trip to San Francisco

3 day weekends scream ROAD TRIP to me! Over Labor Day weekend the boy and I decided to take a lil road trip up to San Francisco! He had never been, and I hadn't been since before college, so it was my first official adult visit.

The weekend was filled with DZP goal completions (yeay!) and lots of fun and adventures. Here are a few highlights.

We enjoyed all the lush, green scenery on the way up. I was personally obsessed with the trucks filled with apples! I must have taken 10 pictures of them.

Once we reached the city, we drove across the Bay Bridge! It gave us our first glimpse of the city, even though it was rather overcast. We were happy to be in cooler weather, since it was at least 100 degrees back at home. It was about time to finally be able to enjoy some fall weather.

We soon came to the realization that the best idea we had the whole trip was making sure we drove a rental car. With all the steep streets, we would have completely destroyed and scraped the front of either of our cars.

With our early 3am departure from home, we made it to San Francisco by 10am. So, with hours to kill before check-in, we parked the car, changed and hopped onto the bus down towards the Port of Call.

We enjoyed lunch down at the Fisherman's Wharf, grabbing Calm Chowder in a Sourdough Bread bowl, my FAVORITE! We check out the National Liberty Ship Memorial, where I snapped a picture as Rosie the Riveter (which I've been obsessed with since my 8th Grade Washington D.C. trip). They even have the Musée Mécanique down there, which one of the world’s largest privately owned collections of mechanically operated musical instruments and antique arcade machines, which was pretty dang cool to see. Gawd, I love old stuff. 

We continued to explore the town, stopping to take a break and enjoy a lil wine tasting. It wasn't until I sat down (and was about 2 glasses of wine in), that I realize how exhausted I was. We rounded out the day with Mocha's from Ghirardelli Square before heading back to the hotel.

Lot's more places where explored on our trip, and they are all DZP! So stay tuned for more fun and adventures in SF!

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