Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goal #45: Send greeting cards to friends just because

Call me old fashioned, but I LOVE snail mail. If you think about it, all you ever get in the mail are bills and unwanted marketing pieces, aka trash. It's the unexpected card or note from a friend or family member that always make me smile, and so I wanted to extend the same gesture to some of my amazing friends.  In a day and age where you can instantly contact your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, I find it even more special to take some time out and actually write out a hand written note.

I choose to send out these fabulous Shoegazing Notecards I received in my Christmas stocking. It comes as no surprise that I love shoes, and my friends either share the same love or enjoy the fact that I'm definitely obsessed.

It amazes me how most of these cards arrived on a day when a friend truly needed some cheering up or a much needed smile. I love how moments in life just happen to happily work out like that. Sending these notes out "just because" wasn't meant for me to receive anything back, but the "thank you's" and love I felt as you each send me a text or even called to say you received was all I needed.

The BEeFf, Erin and Miss DeHart, aka Alex even snapped some picts of their cards! 

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