Friday, September 28, 2012

Goal #87: Have 5 BeeEff Dates (4/5)

Date #3: "I've got frozen wieners and buns for you! And a 30 rack"

I cracked myself up sending this text to Erin, knowing that it was somewhat outta character for me to say anything sexual or inappropriate.

No one in our group of friends is shy when it comes to that topic- except me. A perfect example of this is a car ride spent in traffic, where I found myself roped into the A-Z game, category: dirty/sexual words. I must have been beat red with embarrassment. Needless to say I have come out of my shell since then, and this text reminded me of how squirmish I once was.

Date #4: Besties, Bagels and Bermudas

You know you're besties when you find yourselves dressing alike, by pure coincidence. This isn't a rare occurrence, we find ourselves showing up with matching hair do's or in the exact same color's just flip flopped. Great minds think alike, that is what we always say.

Being that it is  Friday (TGIF!!!), I was all about casual comfort. Erin had the exact same idea, as we both exited our cars in our denim bermudas and looked each other up and down before letting out a giggle.

One more BeeEFF date to go before this DZP goal is crossed off my list! Don't worry, even if the goal is crossed off, I will still make sure to see this lady AT LEAST once a week. :)

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  1. Awesome post! Perfectly captured how amaze-balls we are. Not to mention how great our dairy aire looked today in our lovely twin bermudas. Fab BeeEff dates without the sausEEge fest. [all dirty/sexual innuendos intended] LY hottie-bom-bottie