Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goal #92: Visit San Francisco Exploratorium & Palace of Fine Arts

The last of the DZP goals completed on our San Francisco Road Trip was this one. Before departing this fabulous city, we took one last adventure over to the Exploratorium and Palace of Fine Arts.

I had always seen this place in movies and photos, and never realized it was right in my own backyard, California!  The drive over was fantastic, allowing us to drive up and down the step hills of San Fran, and getting an amazing view of the bay. Before we knew it, we had turned into a neighbor hood, and BAM, there it was, in all it's amazingness.

We lapped this place two times, making sure to see it from all directions. I was amazing and it made me miss my adventures in Italy. I feel it's rare to see something with this kind of architecture close to home, since nothing is as old as anything you can find in Europe.

I was a monkey that day, climbing all over the place- through columns and up unintentional staircases. Maybe it was the extremely amazing coffee we had earlier that fueled my adventurist side, or the fact I knew I'd be sitting for 8 hours straight during our car ride home and took advantage of the opportunity to stretch my legs. Either way, I felt like a kid climbing on things I shouldn't have been, but instead of getting scolded, my boy insistent I explore every inch of that place, and snapped some picks of me as I did it.

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