Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goal #99: Have tea at the Ritz Carlton

While in San Francisco we made a stop at the Ritz Carlton to visit The Lounge. I was super excited to visit this location for two reasons:
  1. I could complete yet another DZP goal on this trip!
  2. They have a specialty tea cocktail menu!! 

First the boy and I started off with a tea cocktail.  I ordered the Soma,  which tasted like an Arnold Palmer and TK tried the South City which had green tea vodka,  ginger beer and lime (tasty but too much ginger for my liking).

Sidenote: When creating my DZP list, I imagined completely some of my goals a certain way. For this one, I had always assumed I'd have tea overlooking the ocean at the Laguna Niguel location. One of my favorite things about having these goals is how unexpected some have been completed- this being one of them. 

We moved on to dessert and tea next! They featured French Macaroons and I HAD to try them out now that I have a new found love for them. We had Almond (yummers!), Pistachio, Orange, Lemon, and Strawberry (delish!).

I choose a Vanilla Rooibus tea- something I hadn't tried before. I always stick to green, black and earl grey. The idea of having a creamy vanilla tea without cream or sugar was very interesting- SO glad I branched out! I loved the oversized tea cup and my own personal tea pot. Something I definitely want to get for my home. The boy and I usually end our nights with a cup of decaf green tea to help us sleep better. I find it calms me down after a long day. But now that I know about Vanilla Tea, I might have to switch it up, check out the benefits below:
Simply inhaling the aroma of vanilla tea will calm anxiety and enhance relaxation, making vanilla tea a beneficial remedy for treating health problems such as headache, depression and upset stomach. The calming affect of vanilla will alleviate insomnia and enhance sleep quality.
I'm so glad we took the time to come and enjoy ourselves at the Ritz! After the long drive, the hustle and bussle of the city, sitting and relaxing with a warm cup of tea was just what I needed. (The over stuffed wingback chairs didn't hurt either- trust me... if I could have taken one home, I would have)

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