Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rain Boot Weather

It finally dropped below 90 degrees and is beginning to feel like Fall. I'm hoping before we know it, there will be Thunderclouds and rain drops to follow. And when it does rain, I will be prepared!

It's part of my DZP list to buy a pair of rain boots, and here are a few that I'm considering purchasing when the time is right. Hopefully with these babies, I wont get stuck in the rain wearing flip flops.
Ziz Fish Rain Boot. Yes, those lil black details are fish silhouettes! 

Western Chief Peacock Rain Boot 
The description says, "Birds don't swim, but they love bird baths." Too cute!

Splendid 'Raindrop' Rain Boot 
"Saucy stripes brighten rainy days and invigorate an essential, puddle-proof boot."

Tiffany Blue Hunter Rain Boot
I can not find this color for sale online, but if I were to splurge on a pair of wellies, it would be these!

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