Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goal # 53: Have a doggie play date with Rufus

Talk about an impromptu doggie date! Rufus is Erin's lil doggie... so it's only natural that these two get a chance to hang out.

Since we were both going to be at the park during my first Slow Pitch Softball game, what a better time to let out lil furry 4-leggers have a play date! I was out on the field, but Erin and my bf rangled these two as they ran around and played. Lulu seem to be more into figuring out where her Momma was, but once I was off the field, these two had Erin and myself spinning in circles as they chased each other around. I wish we had a picture of this awesomeness!

Look's like Lulu has a new lil BF, and Rufus has a new girlie friend!

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