Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few images to round up our Halloween so far! 

Top Left: I tried out this fun pumpkin idea I found on Pinterest, super easy and fun! Just need to find yourself some vampire teeth! 

Bottom Left: I was able to even spook up my house with these fun Keep Calm and Scary On printable, available here

Right: Last but not least, my front yard grave yard. I had the perfect plot of dirt for these bones to call home. Props to Erin for using her Bone's skills to put this baby somewhat together.

Saturday we had our first ever Halloween party at the new house. It was FANTASIC! Everyone dressed up and fun was had by all!

Top Left: TK and myself. He just got this "California knows how to party shirt" and used it as his costume... so he went with the party animal/college frat boy costume. He was very in character, drinking all night and ending up with his head in the toilet. He was nothing but committed to his costume, right?

Top Right: Lulu and myself! I was a Jewelry Thief with the BEeEFf Erin. I moonlight as a dog napper as well ;)

Bottom: Myself, Alex and Erin! Alex was Minnie Mouse and her costume every detail down to a T, even the yellow shoes with bows and her red and white polka dot nails.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Be safe, wherever you are. I know I will be passing out candy, eating Chinese Takeout and watching cheesy (not scary) Halloween movies.

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