Friday, October 19, 2012

Madalyn Marie's Starbucks Round Up

Everyone has their go-to Starbucks drink order. I've neen experimenting with mine lately, switching it up depending on my mood. Here are my top 5 go to drinks:

This is a simple espresso topped with whip cream, I personalize it with 2 raw sugars and whip cream to the top- and mixed well! With roughly 30 calories you can not go wrong. If I'm feeling daring I go for a triple shot- watch out world! Can you tell I had one today :) I'm currently obsessed and wake up every morning excited just because I get to drink one :) 

I take mine with soy, no sweetener The soy milk is vanilla flavor so it adds a sweet taste all on its own without needing sweetener. If you get it iced, asked for it shaken.

These are perfect for hot summer days when you just need something refreshing. 

4. Coconut Latte 
This is my absolute favorite latte flavor, but (tear) it is only seasonal! So I drink it up throughout the summer months when I can. I take it iced or cold, with nonfat milk, topped with toasted coconut. 

This used to be my go to drink, and it has kinda fallen to the sidelines. It is, and always will be my staple drink. When all else fails, I order it. 

What are your favorite Starbucks beverages?

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