Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Recap: Bar Cart Hunting and Pumpkin Picking, Oh My!

This weekend was especially reserved for searching all of Palm Springs for a bar cart. I'm completely obsessed with the idea, and will not stop until I find the perfect one.

Of course, the first place we stop has one that is pretty dang close to what I wanted. I love that it's mirrored and not just glass. I also love the circular details (ceramic flowers on the legs- not so much).

All the other details in the room are silver (current rods, etc) and so I'm fighting with myself as to weither or not it will "match"- my interior design friends- is that an issue? or is mixing silver and gold an interior design do?

When it comes time to buy, if it's still there I'll know it's meant to be!

We stayed at the Riviera during this trip, but made sure to stop by the Saguaro Hotel, that we loved so much when we celebrated my birthday. Yes, the nachos at El Hefe are THAT good, that we made sure to have dinner there. We also decided that no trip to or through Palm Springs would be complete without dining here.

I personally LOVE the decor at the Riviera- it's all very Hollywood Regency style and Glamtastic! If I could afford to style my home like this, I would, one piece of furniture at a time! The green image above is of the amazing and fun wallpaper in the hallway to our room, and the orange and white flower design is what greets you upon arrival.

Overall it was a relaxing weekend, filled with SHOPPING, my favorite but definitely not the boys. He was a trooper through and never left my crazy, antique shopping side. He also made sure I only purchased what I came out to buy and not everything else that caught my eye- making sure I stayed on course with my hunt.

We I made sure to stop by the dinosaur museum before we headed out of town, something he had never bothered to stop at and something I consider to be oodles of fun. (Who doesn't like pretending run away from a dinosaur, come on now). Apparently I'm just a dorky kid at heart.

We made one more stop before heading home, LIVE OAK CANYON PUMPKIN PATCH!  We had spotted the signs on our way to Palm Springs and I begged and plead for us to stop on the way home. I think the boy finds humor in my childish antics, at least I hope. I love fun adventures like this- and picking out my own pumpkin at a farm was just too much fun to pass up!

We each picked out our own pumpkin- since apparently we both knew what would happen if we decided to share and carve one together. It would go something like this :

M: I have this great idea, we should do this!
T: How does this look?
M: No, you are doing it wrong! That's not how I want it to look.
T: Well this is the best I can do.
M: Well then let me do it.

It wouldn't be a matter of sharing, it would be a matter of me having an artistic vision, and him not executing it properly. At least we agreed on that. 

I was after a white pumpkin, and found this fabulous guy pictured above. He is grey and scared and lumpy and perfect! I have the same motto as pervious years. I'm an equal opportunity pumpkin picker. The bumpier, miss colored, odd shaped and scared up they are; the better! Tommy's pumpkin has this great, odd, lumpy texture that we both just loved- we literally said "OMG, this pumpkin is perfect" 

I loved the selection as this farm, and loved all the activities they had to offer! W even got lost in the corn maze! And, get this... it's dog friendly! So even Lulu can come next year. It was agreed, that this place is our new pumpkin patch, and it will be a family tradition to go here for years to come! 

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