Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's In my Jewelry Box: Newest Addition

Saturday's outfit. Go Bold, or  Go Home.
Saturday night the boy and I accompanied my parents to a Beer and Wine Tasting Fundraiser. I'm all for drinking for a good cause (whose joking, I'm all about wine, period). The event also included a silent action; something I had never been to with my parents, and if I can help it, something I won't be doing again. I now understand why it always looked like Christmas after my parents attended a fundraising event when I was younger. My mom is the most competitive person I have ever met, I suppose that's where I get it from.

Competitive Mom + Silent Auction= Mom going home with everything she puts her name on. They could have put her name on a recorder and pressed replay, that's how many times they called it.

There were lots of bargains to be had, especially since lots of people weren't even participating, leaving my mom as the only person who bid (the starting bid mind you) or close to it.

We left like bandits, clearing out the place with our winnings. It was actually quite embarrassing.
Our haul included:

  • Malibu Rum Umbrella with stainless steel stand (which now resides at my house.. Can't say no for $20! and if I didn't look like an alcoholic already, I certainly do now- Hey Neighbors!)
  • Charcoal BBQ with amazing tools in stainless steel case, oh and a bottle of wine (Dad's pick)
  • 2 certificates for spa facials (a $160 value at $20 each- Mother and Daughter date!)
  • 2 certificates for an unlimited month of Crossfit (who does Crossfit in my family? No one, but I apparently will be starting, another item no one bid on)
  • My David Yurman bracelet
I say "my"David Yurman bracelet since I had to fight for this one- only thing I had to try and get. 

After the extremely smashed, announcer saw the lack of bidding, she opened her big mouth and let everyone know how cheap this baby was going for. Luckily, only one lady took the bait- minimizing my competition. 

Let's just say the mom and I were in cahoots with this one. As you can see, my outfit above was rather bright, making me an easy spot when circling the silent auction. The LAW (mom's nickname and initials) swooped right in at the last second and made the final bid. Lady didn't even see it coming (even though she parked herself right in the middle of the silent auction area).

As my good friend Trish said in a tweet "I Fought The LAW and The LAW won"

And that might friends, is how I got this bracelet. Long story, but I hope you enjoyed it :)

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