Friday, October 5, 2012

What's on Madalyn Marie's Must Watch List

I've never been a big TV watcher, but there are a handful of shows that I'm dedicated too and seen every episode and season of. It just so happens that most of them begin in the fall. There is something about the cool (correction- cooler, since it's still a good 80 degrees here in SoCal) fall air, a comfy pair of pjs, a dinner comprised of soup while curled up on the couch that makes it so much better then watching TV any other time of the year.

My, I have never missed an episode and actually make a note of it in my planner to watch, TV show picks are:

Grey's Anatomy

OMFG! For those of you watching, what an emotional roller coaster!!!

Currently in it's 9th season. I remember watching this in my college apartment for a week straight trying to get caught up before the next season aired. Don't lie, I know some of you have done the same, ahumm Erin :)

Gossip Girl

My guilty, guilty pleasure. I love this show, the characters, the city, the clothes!!

This is currently in its 6th season, and it premiers this Monday! Don't worry, my DVR is set to record this baby.

I wont lie, I totally walked around the streets of New York with images from this show in my head. It's no secret my DZP goal of eating macaroons was inspired by this shows character, Blair.

I can not wait to see what the season premiere entails. And yes, the thought of watching it while eating macaroons has totally crossed my mine, and I wouldn't put it past myself  to actually do it.

Game of Thrones

Another good find by the boy's old roommates. I describe this show as having it all- violence, blood, sex, romance... their is basically something for everyone to get hooked on.

Season 3 starts in March! This show is the reason why I will subscribe to HBO during the months it airs. Totally worth it.

This show is currently being adapted from books, something I definitely need to read in the near future.

Breaking Bad

After the constant talk about this show from Erin, I decided to see what it was all about. Another one to get hooked on! And all the episodes are available on Netflix!

I'm currently only caught up to Season 3, so still 2 full episodes to go before I'm current in the Breaking Bad world.

The second part of Season 5 is supposed to air Summer of 2013, so by that time I will definitely be caught up and able to partake in the Breaking Bad conversations that are being had with our group of friends.


This show has left me hanging for far too long. Season 8 ends and left me saying... "OMG, seriously?!? It just ended like that?" Hence why I can NOT wait until they finally make a movie and answer all the unanswered questions they left open at the end of the series.

Talk about leaving your audience wanting more. The movie is supposed to come out this summer, cross your fingers!

Are there any more must watch shows you'd recommend?

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