Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fortunate and Unfortunate

This post comes a little early this week, but I'm in need of a good vent.
Let's save the positive for last.

  • Having my car broken into and my wallet and ipod stolen. I feel like the biggest fool on the face of the earth. I never leave my garage open, and I never leave my wallet/valuables in my car. So, lesson learned- even in save communities like mine, you can still fall victim to these crimes.
  • The same morning of the car incident, the boy's mom was admitted to the hospital with chest/heart issues. It was a fantastic Tuesday morning at my house, to say the least.
  • The inconvience of having to call and cancel all my cards, get replacements, etc. I'm braving the DMV tomorrow, I know I wouldn't be pleasant to anyone today, so I'm saving the poor DMV worker I would have seen from my wrath. You are welcome. 
  • I feel violated and vulnerable, not at all safe in my own car or house. It's a strange feeling, and even though I know no one is in my car, the fact that someone else was gives me the creeps. 
  • My car was not damaged during the above incident. I think if I had woken up to broken windows I would have lost it- more so than I did initially. However, it does feel good to cry. Sometimes you just got to let it all out.
  • That my parents live so close to me (or more so that I live so close to my parents), that when TK ran out the door to tend to his mom this morning, I was so grateful that my mom was able to come and stay with me while I waited for the police. 
  • This time next week I will be half way to New York, to spend Thanksgiving there with my family. We plan to sight see, watch the Macy's day parade, and enjoy the weather. 

Thank you for reading.

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