Monday, November 12, 2012

Goal #23: Go Kayaking

Late and great DZP update!
(WARNING- there will be alot of these coming your way! Only 23 days left to complete!)

Over the summer my family did a little weekend getaway to Catalina Island. You might remember my DZP goal, send a message in a bottle, which was completed there. While enjoying our second day on the island, we left the beach in order to explore the coast line, via kayak.

Let me tell you, get a SINGLE kayak if you can. I don't remember kayaking being so difficult! As you can see in the picture above, TK and I were not synced while rowing, making it difficult/frustrating/I'm going to tip this kayak over and row back to shore without you. 

I say all this with love, especially since TK's idea of resolving our unsynchronized rowing was to take over the job completely. Fine by me, I just sat there a relaxed, as he romantically rowed me around the island. He even sang me a song, that went something like this "I'm singing, I"m singing a song for youuuu... I'm rowing, I'm rowinggg" You get the idea. 

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