Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Goal #28: Visit the Conservatory Garden in NY

Being that I have already been to NY, I wanted to make sure and explore new places. Last time we did a lot (if not all) of the touristy hotspots, so I wanted to make sure to visit some places off the beaten path. My instagram is filled with snapshots of these adventures.

The Conservatory Garden was one of these places. It is in Central Park, but has it's own grand entrance with this gate (to the left). This gate was made in Paris in 1894 and was originally infront of the Vanderbilt mansion on 5th Avenue and 58th St.

Even though it was fall, I wanted to see this magical place. There were no flowers or blooms, only empty vines and twisty turny branches- but everything about it was so beautiful, and magical. It reminded me a lot of the Secret Garden.

I could have wandered around for hours, sat with a good book, or just drank my coffee while soaking it all in. Even though I was in NY, the hustle and bussle of the city felt so far away.

These three pictures to the right are my favorite for this adventure. There were so many fun lil things to see, if you looked close enough or stopped long enough to look.

The first on is a stone placed in the middle of a walk way, the text reads "New Hampshire."

Second is one of the many pathways throughout the Garden. The branches reached high up to the sky and intertwined with each other, I can only imagine what a beautiful canopy this created in the spring.

The third, is a close up of rode iron fence, where the vines are starting to take over, twisting there way up the posts.

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