Thursday, November 15, 2012

Goal #36: Design greeting cards to send to friends

I originally created these note cards for my Aunt's Holiday Craft Bazaar to sell as one of my items. I stowed away a couple of packages for myself, since I knew they would come in handy as a cute gift for some of my girlfriends. 

Now, this goal could read two ways.
1. Design a card to send to my friends (as in design it, print it, write on it and mail it)
2. Design cards and send them to my friends (for them to have and send out to others)

I choose the second option being that it was around Valentine's Day (THAT's how long this post has been in my "drafts") and wanted to show my East Coast girlies I was thinking of them. So with that, Goal #36 and Goal #56 (1/4) has been completed and they are enjoying their hand made cards.

Now to share with you these simple DIY cards.
  • Heart shaped paper punch
    (or whatever shape you desire, don't forget your Michael's or Joanna's 50% of coupon!)
  • Note Cards or Card Stock Paper
    (I opted to buy the ream of card stock paper from Staples with my $20 cash back coupon from returning ink; making this item free)
  • Scrapbook paper- pattern or solid
    (I have it by the pound in my craft closet)
  • Sewing Machine and Thread
    (Thanks Mom for letting me borrow it!)
  1. Gather all your supplies. I raided my scrapbooking boxes for fun patterned papers, even scraps will do! 
  2. Using your paper punch, punch out your heart shapes. You will be stacking 3 together, so you can do 3 of the same paper, 3 different, etc. You get the idea. I choose 2 papers that worked well together and sandwiched them together. Do this until you have the desired amount of hearts punched out. I used paper clips to organize them for an easy grab when it came time to sew.
  3. Cut your card stock into small cards. I used letter size paper and got 2 cards from each sheet, making them 4.5"w x 10"h (they will be 5"h once folded in half). If you bought pre made cards. you can skip this step :)
  4. Fold each card in half. Continue until you have the desired amount folded. I did packages of 5 cards with envelopes.
  5. Once cards are folded, grab your three paper punched hearts and place them in the center of your card. 
  6. Open the card and place it flat and thread your sewing machine. Stitch down the center of your heart cut outs. I took my a couple of time before I got this right. I'd suggest a practice card. 
  7. Trim any extra thread on the backside of your card and "fluff" your hearts.
  8. Sit back and admire your handy work!
I was able to create these cards from supplies I already had or was able to get a low cost, so that I could maximize my profit. And of course they are great to have on hand to add to presents. 

Thank you Pinterest for helping me find these super cute DIY Note Cards from Little Birdie Secrets.

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