Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goal #37: Go on a hike

Not only did I go on one hike, but two!
 While in Joshua Tree, we first head out to Hidden Valley. Does the name sound familiar?  All I could think about the whole time was the Hidden Valley Ranch commercial.  This was a moderate, 1-mile loop, and it was a great introduction to the area.

The next day we headed to Barker Dam, another moderate trail. The dam no longer held any water, but you could see where the earth was moist still, since the plant life was green and full in those areas. 

On the other side of the dam, there was an old troff (bottom left) where the cowboys would lead their herds of cattle to water. As we explored more, we also found some petroglyphs and even an area of stone that had been dug out. It was an excellent adventure to say the least!

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