Monday, November 12, 2012

Goal #67: Go to a Natural Hot Spring

I've been begging friends and family to join me as I complete this goal for sometime now, and it never seems to pan out. So, I decided to the pull the "But BABE, it's on my list!" move and make the boy come with me for this one.

The closest Natural Hot Spring I know if is, the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona.  It was actually quite lovely since we made a day of it- a whole day just for the two of us to unwind and spend some time together. I enjoyed a massage, and we spend the day wading in the relaxation pool, tanning, and even got dirty in Club Mud, California's only red clay mineral bath. 

After our relaxing day at the spa, it was time to get primped and pretty for The Black Key's concert!! Complements of the boy. 

Side note: I seriously love how into music he is, his knowledge of bands and singers is slightly out of the control and I envy how he can remember all this information. I simply do not have the capacity to remember every band or singer I have ever listened to, I just know "yeah I like this song." 

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