Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goal #71: Go Zip Lining

Better late than never! This one was completed during the family trip to Catalina- where I sent a message in a bottle, and went kayaking as well!

If you haven't noticed, my family is adventurous just like me! We don't dare lay low and enjoy the beach for 3 straight days, we have to get out there an do something exciting! Being that there was 9 of us, we were our own Zip Lining tour. This was the Catalina Zip Line Eco tour, which I highly recommend!

Top: The whole crew, reading for some zip lining fun.

Middle left: Me, having an emotional moment as I was picked to go first... and I was not happy about it... I was laughing/crying at the thought of basically leaping off the platform.

Middle right: The boy and I... in our ever so attractive helmets.

Bottom: Me zip lining down to the second stop.

The experience was amazing, I had only been zip lining once before in Mexico- and it was over water- which was much less intimidating than the rocky mountain side in Catalina.

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