Monday, November 26, 2012

Goal #89: Go camping and not complain about it

This was a big goal for me to complete- but with the help of some fantastic friends, we found our self in Joshua Tree camping! I had never been to Joshua Tree but I LOVED it, the scenery was amazing, the weather was perfect, and I felt to blessed to be in such a magical place.

Top left: The car jam packed full of supplies
Bottom left: Our lil set up
Right: Larger view of our camp site. 

We had a pretty awesome campsite! The main picnic area branched off into three little sections, before for everyones separate tent set ups. 

The weekend was filled with lots of hiking, night time exploring, sunset watching, BBQ'ing and good ole laughter with friends. And you guessed it! Not one but THREE DZP goals were completed in this trip! 

And for the record.. I did NOT complain once! All I had was praise for the awesome place we were in. I never knew camping could be this fun!

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