Saturday, December 1, 2012

Goal #56: Complete 4 DIY Projects (2/4)

This DIY project came from my guest bathroom before and after post.

I found this beautiful mirror at the Rose Bowl Flee market. I was looking for a bright white, high gloss mirror, with lots of beautiful detailing.This one had more of a shabby chic, distressed look but it was the  perfect size and the right price! (which was the important thing- who knew mirrors we SO expensive!)

Good thing I'm crafty :)

I started off by taping of the mirror, to protect it from any over spray, since I planned on spray painting it. I also wiped it down with a damp clothe to remove any dust.

Plan A with the spray paint failed, it bubbled and left weird bumps- so I quickly wiped it off. 

Plan B was to paint it by hand, which took several coats, and lot of "dabbing" into the detailing. Once I felt I had everything covered, I removed the paper off the mirror and planned my attack at hanging it. I suggest using this simple trick I found on Pinterest, to help with hanging any wall art! 

Insert my loving parents and I crammed in that rather small bathroom with this large mirror and a couple of frustrating minutes later we had this baby hung! (ok- more like 15-10 minutes of "you dont' know what your doing" but still, the end result was amazing!)

Once I had it mounted, I did a little bit of touching up, since now with the bathroom lighting I could see any spots I missed or that were highlighted by the light fixture. Another thing I noticed was that some of the paint around the mirror had peeled off from the taping off I had done. In order to fixed this I went back and painted the edges- even painting on the mirror- and then removed any access paint on the mirror with a razor blade.

There you have it! My 2 DIY project! 

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