Saturday, December 1, 2012

Home Improvements: Guest Bathroom Before & After

This is the first of many home improvements we have been making. As you can see below, the our downstairs guest bathroom was.... dungeon like to say the least. With the door closed, and the sun shining in from the window, the bathroom glowed red. Not the least bit friendly.

NOTE: These pictures were taken AFTER the ceiling was painted white, it used to be the same brick red as the walls!

Some positive things where the white tile in the shower with the glass and stainless steal doors, and the vanity which was a newer addition.

Here is the after/ still in progress:

Recap of what was done:
  • Walls were painted Benhr Spa. I love the icy blue and how crispy and clean it looks paired with the new white trim/baseboards.
  • Replaced mirror with a larger one that would be centered over the entire wall, not just the vanity.
  • Updated the lighting fixture by painting it with Rust-oleum Textured Metallic Spray Paint and adding a new glass fixture. 

Still in progress is the bathroom medicine cabinet, which we removed. (see bottom right image)

The plan is to tile it, with these grey, white and clear subway tiles we picked up at Costco. Glass shelving will be inserted and it will be a nice lil place to showcase candles, a diffuser and even some cute trinket boxes. 

See there you have, my first of many home improvements in the new house! 

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