Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Goal #51: Host a Cookie Decorating Party

I have a pretty awesome group of friends. We love getting together, no matter what the reason, and we enjoy doing lots of fun, different things. One of the things we do is have Cookie Decorating Parties.

Everyone brings supplies, you make homemade cookie dough and you roll, cut and bake them... and then decorate! I have to say, my skills with the pipping bag have come a LONG way since I first started doing this. I have also learned some neat tricks (who knew you could use a glass as a double for a rolling pin) and found some amazing recipes along the way.

This year, I wanted to host it at my house since whats the point of having a big ole house if you can't host fun shindigs like this.

We had 3 different types of cookie dough this year, Chocolate Sugar Cookie Dough, Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie Dough, and Sugar Cookie Dough. All were delicious!! Special shout out to my BEeEff for making the Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie Dough... love you lot's lady! 

If you are looking for a good frosting recipe, we used this one here!

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