Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goal #86: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

While in New York over Thanksgiving, the boy and I decided to tackle this goal. Last time we were in the Big Apple we did start to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but only ventured about half way before turning around since it wasn't our intention to spend a day in Brooklyn.

This time, we were in a different mind set and planned on spending the day venturing around Brooklyn, where his mom grew up.

The Brooklyn Bridge is about a mile long, so it took us maybe 45 minutes to walk across it- adding in stopping to take pictures and looking back at the view. There are even some vendors selling little touristy items. Last time the boy purchased a pretty cool screen printed shirt from a local street artist, which I was all for!

The view looking back is amazing, it makes you realize how condensed everything is- all stack on top of each other.

Once we reached the other side, we were greeted by the "Welcome to Brooklyn" inlayed letters at the end of the bridge, and it was instantly noticeable that you were no longer in the "city".

I have to say we are a really ambitious couple- who definitely knows how to get where they want to be. And when I saw WE know how to get places- I mean ME, as in I was given the title of fearless navigator throughout the whole trip.

I say this because even the local we talked to told us how far away some of these spots where- but fear not- we made it to all the places we wanted to visit and more.

Our stops included:
Brooklyn Botanical Garden (another DZP goal!)

L & B Spumoni Gardens where we got the most delicious Italian food I have had in ages- the Spumoni was orgasmic and the garlic bread was probably the best I've ever had... ever. If I knew the nice local mans name who suggested it I would hunt him down and send him a thank you note for introducing us to this place.

Other than that we took the subway from one end to another and even got a view of Coney Island, which looked like a ghost town after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

All and all, Brooklyn was very good to us!

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