Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gaol #12: Work towards my ideal weight

This has been an ongoing goal/struggle for some time now. I've had personal trainers, done Weight Watchers, and tried doing it on my own. For the past year I have been doing an all women's Bootcamp,  2-4 times a week, and mixing in yoga here and there. I've improved my eating habits and been more label conscious when it comes to deciding what to eat or brand to buy.

I'm continuing to work towards my ideal weight, but as of right now, I've finally hit the 20 lb mark! There has been some yo-yo-ing going on, but it's encouraging to see the number on the scale go down. Now, if only it would go down faster! The constant goal is to get skinny and just look good naked.

I will spare you all my "before" shot in my bikini, but be warned, one day I will share it... when I'm fucking skinny :)

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