Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trying to stay Tough

This past week has been a tough one, physically. For once it's not the stress of work or relationships, but rather the grueling workout regimen I'm putting myself through.

I started CrossFit.

Something that I have always found to be intimidating and a bit out of my league, fitness level wise. But I've officially enrolled as of Saturday, and it only took my 3 workouts before I physically- and mentally- just wanted to break down. This shit is hard. My arms, thighs, and butt are so incredibly sore, I almost feel that they are going to revolt against me at any moment and stop working. The act of writing down my workout results yesterday took way too much effort- my arms and hands were that sore and shaky. Mentally, I'm exhausted from constantly talking myself into being able to physically do something, it's mind over matter and I even though my arms can hardly bare the weight of myself as I try to do pull ups or ring dips, I have to at least find the will to just hold it a bit longer, and know that it's worth it. This grueling workout I'm putting myself through is worth it. I have to remember that I'm tougher than I look, that I can do anything I put my mind to.

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